ElixirCan is looking for two university students to work with us part-time for the 2018-2019 school year.

Job Description

The students will first learn about the Elixir language along with the Phoenix Framework and Absinthe GraphQL. Then they will assemble mini-courses intended to teach other students or software developers how to use these tools to build web applications.

They will work with volunteers from ElixirCan who will be there to help them out if they get stuck.

ElixirCan will hold WaffleTalks™ throughout the year and the students will participate by presenting their mini-courses to share their knowledge with the community. (A WaffleTalk™ is pretty much exactly what you’d expect - we buy everyone waffles to eat while we all learn about new tools and techniques for software development.)

The students are expected to be ambassadors for our efforts and to help guide our outreach initiatives so that we can grow the Elixir community in Edmonton.

Remote work is fine, but we have office space in Campus Towers that is conveniently located near the University of Alberta main campus.


We’re not going to audit transcripts, but we’re looking for students that have completed at least one or two computing courses and have a basic understanding of software development. Industry experience is not required. The idea is that we’re going to be giving the students industry experience that will help them later when they are done school.

We’re flexible with hours and will work with successful candidates to find the right balance between their studies and their work with us. School has to be the priority and we’re here to provide support.

Preference will be given to students in Computing Science or Computer Engineering and that are from a traditionally underrepresented group in the industry.


It is our intention with these positions to:

  • provide employment to students that might otherwise need a part-time job.
  • give students experience in a functional programming language that they wouldn’t otherwise get.
  • grow the Elixir community through these efforts.
  • promote diversity in the Elixir community.

The development of the content for Elixir training courses is not a main goal. We see this as a by-product.

How to Apply

Applications should be sent to apply@elixircan.org.

We’ll setup in-person interviews with candidates that meet the above qualifications.

About Us

ElixirCan is a Canadian not-for-profit dedicated to growing and promoting diversity in the Elixir community in Canada with a focus on outreach and training.